Video Games

The gaming world is full of talent. Europe, Asia, Canada, India, the USA — everywhere. Great games are created without borders and on open and unrestricted platforms.  Omnigate is here to help the best games get made with new and innovative user experiences without being locked into specific services or restrictions.

Omnigate enables new monetization models that integrate in-game currencies, crypto currencies and in-game merchandising.

Break Out Of Restrictive Platforms

Build on an open software, free of restrictions where you maintain full control of your monetization model. We enable an ecosystem which everyone in the industry can leverage to get their best work done while providing innovative processes for game monetization, adoption, user retention, and payments.

With interconnectivity between Distributed Ledger Technology platforms, Game Developers benefit from a broader choice of options for payments, virtual currency creations, digitization of assets, virtual item creation, sales processing, and real item in-game merchandising.


  • Attract the best game developers and engineers by letting them focus on the game, not the wallet and payments

  • Realize faster game development with reduced backend planning

  • Enjoy freedom without restrictive use policies. Own your data. Control your world

  • Empower In-App Purchases with both in-game currencies and cryptocurrencies

  • Enable new monetization experiences such as In-Game Storefronts & Subscriptions

  • Simplify financial management and calculate profits with our wallet system

  • Integrate with every payment type and track balances on a unified software

Existing Integrations

Payment Gateways

Omnigate is agnostic to all blockchain networks. Custom integrations for KYC/AML, Payment Gateways and other cryptocurrencies can be developed by Omnigate based on client requests or developed and implemented directly by you. Our platform is designed to facilitate your growth and provides for boundless innovation based on your needs.


One extensible API with one cross-game unified wallet enables you to monetize for every economy on a global scale while you maintain ownership of your data and the freedom to create the way you want to.

  • Virtual Currencies

    Rapidly create in-game virtual currencies and use any current or future digital currency for game tokens, reward points or in-game merchandising — or issue your current game currency on a blockchain

  • In-Game Payment Gateway

    Enable in-game payments from your publisher store and enable crypto payments where legaly authorized

  • Create Game Cards

    Easily create game cards for the purchasing of items within games with our included redemption flow process. Enable players to redeem the value of game cards directly to a game’s in-app currency

  • In-Game Digital Wallet

    Create branded in-game digital wallets for stored value and optionally integrate with digital currencies. One installation can power all your games

Single Sign-On

Identity & access management for multi-platform game development built on the OAuth protocol

Use Omnigate’s user management system to authenticate players in games.

Use in-house user info database to grant players access to Omnigate functionalities.

Allow players to authenticate with their Facebook or Google accounts. Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo coming soon!

No matter which method you choose, your players will only need to authenticate once.

The Single Sign On enables the creation of deep analytics functions; gather deep player data and enabling game studios to develop better player experiences, while increasing engagement as well as revenues.

Gather robust player data and improve Key Performance Indicators across your entire portfolio while increasing in-game revenue and boosting player retention.

Built for security at scale

  • Enterprise grade software built on Java
  • Clear support cycles and continuous security updates
  • Data at rest AES256 system to prevent data leaks
  • Designed for all current and future blockchain & payment

Omnigate is exposed through an HTTP based REST API. With simple calls, game studios enable players to:

  • Create any number of digital wallets
  • Players may transfer any amount of in-game currency or assets, blockchain based cryptos, or fiat from their wallet to any other wallet
  • Withdraw currency and digital assets from their Omnigate wallet to any wallet they own

Access to each API call is permissioned through a granular roles and rights system which the game studio fully controls. Out of the box, Omnigate provides a UI to manage these permissions. Admin features are also exposed through our HTTP REST API enabling studios to create their own UI.

On-Premise Installation

Omnigate is designed to be installed on your own servers, or on your AWS infrastructure.

  • Game Studios have full control over the administration and security of the software
  • Game playability does not depend on the reliability of a third party
  • There are no transaction fees to pay
  • Studios completely own their Omnigate data
  • Studios are free to locate their Omnigate servers anywhere around the world
  • Enjoy our open use policy with virtually no restrictions

Our installation is fully automated and extremely simple.

Studios realize a working production-grade system in less than 30-minutes with minimal intervention. Omnigate supports CentOS 7+ and RHEL 7+. Game studios deploy Omnigate’s High Availability system on dedicated servers, cloud-based IaaS or anything else they’d like.