Cashback Programs

Launch an advanced cashback program with Omnigate flexibility and features

A cashback program is an excellent way of engaging your customers and accelerating the adoption of your products and services. However, incentivation with cashback programs requires advanced and complex systems, as multiple transactions need to be captured in real-time. Omnigate helps you reduce complexity and improve accuracy while maintaining detailed reporting access. Our solution streamlines the development and operation of cashback systems, empowering you to give your customers an omni-channel experience with instant cashback. With the right tool for the job, you will own the go-to-market process.



  • Save time setting up your cashback program
  • Leverage Omnigate’s universal modules and blockchain capabilities
  • Track balances of merchant, user, and profit accounts in real-time
  • Integrate ecommerce platforms to provide a more convenient and frictionless process for your customers’ experience
  • Adaptable to multiple cashback scenarios, such as in-person and digital POSs, in real time