Empowering and Standardizing Blockchain Payment Processing and Other Financial Service Solutions

Omnigate’s universal architecture bridges traditional and blockchain payment processing and offers a suite of financial service solutions to keep your business ahead of the curve. Omnigate empowers the development, integration, and standardization of different payment technologies — as well as the creation and management of digital currencies.

Through Omnigate, clients can move beyond traditional locked routes to open and alternative routing for the processing of digital asset flows to merchants as well as merchant to merchant payment processes.

The Omnigate Software

Ledger & Deposits

The Ledger & Deposits module processes withdrawal and deposits and helps your company’s internal bookkeeping and reconciliation. The module also integrates bank accounts, digital wallets, exchanges, and your own sources under the same unified ledger in real-time. Ledger & Deposits integrations include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, and Ripple.


The Payments module allows companies to integrate payment processing of any asset class through a unified process. This module also enables fast-checkout functionality using the Payment Request API or Express Checkout integration, facilitating customer payment, address, and contact information processing. Integrations include Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar, Stripe, PayPal, Global Payments, and Adyen.

Exchanges & Conversions

The Exchange & Conversion module integrates with traditional, crypto, and decentralized exchanges, allowing you to process currency conversion orders or payments in real-time. This module also provides a full audit-track of your trades and reconciliations with your assets. Exchanges & Conversion integrations include Bittrex, BitStamp, Ripple, and Stellar.


The Authentication module manages authentication processes for user accounts. It acts as an OAuth 2.0 consumer and provider which issues JWT as session tokens for a scalable and flexible authentication component that your apps can use. The module also works together with Omnigate’s comprehensive user access permission framework to delegate fine-grained permissions to multiple users in the same organization. Integrations include SAML, Google, Salesforce, and Facebook.

Know-Your-Customer (KYC)

The Know-Your-Customer (KYC) module processes identification for new customers when they open an account, ensuring compliance with regulations and the law. The module also allows you to define multiple transfer limits and to integrate manual and automated verification processes, according to your needs. KYC integrations include Blockscore and Thomson Reuters.