Front-end Developer

Published on April 8th, 2019 - Montreal
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Who We Are?

Omnigate Systems Inc. is a startup software development company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec with satellite offices in the United States that is working in the field of financial technology.

Our core mission is to democratize and radically improve options available for payments for goods and services, as well as store of value, both for businesses and consumers. Ultimately, it is to unlock & democratize the power of the Internet of Value.

We’ve developed the first core financial system built with extensibility and interoperability in mind. Essentially, we take care of connecting the plumbing for fintech projects such as ledgering, balances, payments, PII data storage, tokenization, authentication and identity verification.

Our Culture

Omnigate is composed of a small team of energetic, multi-national, diversified, friendly, involved, on-premise and remote technically savvy problem solvers with just a tad of geekiness and an insatiable thirst for new learning and challenges. The core business values revolve around global best practices and transparency while adopting a holistic approach to accomplishment. We are currently looking for a front-end developer to join us and complete our team.

Who you are?

You will look and pass through our website prior to meeting us and come up with original ideas to improve our customer journey. You are able to hold a discussion about the latest technology, especially when it comes to fin-tech. You have a great sense of aesthetics and a facility to express complex ideas in meaningful design.

The Role

Every morning will start with a fresh cup of coffee or tea (we are not judging) and then a scrum meeting with the development team to discuss, plan, resolve or prioritize the team’s tasks and backlog.

Living the life of a startup company means that each day will bring on new tasks, challenges and learning opportunities. It also means working with different teams to get a new perspective and that at the end of the day you will be going home with more tools in your toolset.

Ultimately, it means you will be working with a highly motivated team, in a very fast-paced environment and that, hopefully, you will have a feeling to bring something unique and important to the company.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Still reading? Great, here are some of the duties and responsibilities that you are likely to encounter when being a front-end developer at Omnigate:

  • Work closely with the development team and product managers to understand existing software architecture and product specifications
  • Design and/or implement software that meets these specifications
  • Ensure architectural integrity and product quality. Participate in the testing process, including cross-browser testing; debug code quickly and efficiently
  • Participate and contribute to development team project meetings and scrums
  • Contribute ideas for process improvement, including coding practices, standards and tools
  • Design, develop and modify software objects and procedures based on functional and system specifications. Optimize implementations for maximum speed and scalability

Your Skill Set:

  • 5+ years’ experience with Javascript.
  • Ability to design and applications, scripts for DB queries and stored procedures
  • Skills to work on different layers of the application including UI Frontend and Server backend
  • Experience with NodeJS and NPM
  • Excellent Coding, documentation as well as communicating skills
  • You have experience working on or with a back-end team
  • You have experience contributing to open source projects (or personal side projects)
  • You’re smart, love building things, have lots of energy, and love a startup environment
  • Experience in Graphic design is a plus. We would encourage you to submit samples of your previous work, either in the form of links to live websites that you worked on, or screenshots of the same and to include a description of your contribution to the project
  • Experience with additional popular libraries or frameworks is a plus
  • Fluent in English reading, writing and speaking

Disclaimer: Omnigate is looking for highly motivated individuals that are well versed in everything goes fintech, blockchain and that have a personal take on all the current transformations and will strongly believe in our product core values.