Automated Tests Analyst

Published on April 8th, 2019 - Montreal
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Who We Are?

Omnigate Systems Inc. is a startup software development company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec with satellite offices in the United States that is working in the field of financial technology.

Our core mission is to democratize and radically improve options available for payments for goods and services, as well as store of value, both for businesses and consumers. Ultimately, it is to unlock & democratize the power of the Internet of Value.

We’ve developed the first core financial system built with extensibility and interoperability in mind. Essentially, we take care of connecting the plumbing for fintech projects such as ledgering, balances, payments, PII data storage, tokenization, authentication and identity verification.

Our Culture

Omnigate is composed of a small team of energetic, multi-national, diversified, friendly, involved, on-premise and remote technically savvy problem solvers with just a tad of geekiness and an insatiable thirst for new learning and challenges. The core business values revolve around global best practices and transparency while adopting a holistic approach to accomplishment. We are currently looking to hire an automated testing analyst to complete our team.

Who you Are?

You are passionate about technology and most likely about fintech and blockchains. You have a genuine interest for SOA, Distributed system, Interledger, multi-threaded programming, graph databases and open source projects. You have experience working in a testing role and are well versed in using the BDD approach. You like to talk about software development and thrive to debate your ideas on the latest trends.

The Role

Omnigate is looking for a junior/intermediate developer to help build an automated integration test library for its blockchain and fintech products. The ideal candidate would have the potential to grow into a full-fledged developer able to contribute to all parts of our code base.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create test cases for existing blockchain and fintech apps based on real world requirements.
  • Write and maintain automated integration test scripts.
  • Define and maintain test data sets.
  • Help analyses client requirements and define acceptance criteria for stories.
  • Closely collaborate with backend and frontend developers by writing automated tests and manually testing new features as they’re being created (pair programming style).

Your Skill Set:

  • 2 years of IT experience in a programming and/or testing role.
  • Functional knowledge of the JavaScript language.
  • Some knowledge of at least one object-oriented programming language, preferably Java.
  • Outstanding analytics and investigation skills.
  • Ability to summarize technical lingo into plain human language.
  • Ability to learn fast with minimal supervision.
  • Extreme “can do” attitude.

Disclaimer: Omnigate is looking for highly motivated individuals that are well versed in everything goes fintech, blockchain and that have a personal take on all the current transformations and will strongly believe in our product core values.