The Software for Digital Finance

Empowering and Standardizing Blockchain Payment Processing and Other Financial Service Solutions

Omnigate’s universal architecture bridges traditional and blockchain payment processing and offers a suite of financial service solutions to keep your business ahead of the curve. Omnigate empowers the development, integration, and standardization of different payment technologies — as well as the creation and management of digital currencies.

Omnigate vs Traditional Systems
Traditional systems and processes for bridging different asset classes are not only inefficient, they are not interoperable. We created Omnigate to enable asset types of any combination to be integrated and handled on a single standardized system, allowing your company to better manage all payment types and currencies. Bridge your way to tomorrow with Omnigate today.

Universal Architecture
At the core of Omnigate’s Universal Architecture is a set of interoperable modules, which seamlessly integrate versatile backend and frontend components. Including modules for Authentication, Know-Your-Customer (KYC), Tokenization, Ledger & Deposits, Exchange & Conversion, and Payments, Omnigate’s Universal Architecture is designed to address the growing diversity of asset classes and payment techniques. Enhance your financial services with Omnigate.

As a high availability enterprise software, Omnigate can be hosted in the cloud or on-premises. With Omnigate, companies retain ownership of all of their data. Choose cloud or on-premises hosting.

In a rapidly changing digital financial landscape, your development investments need to be future-proof. Omnigate can help your company keep pace with infrastructure changes in blockchain and other new payment technologies. If you’re looking to future-proof your business — or to build an innovative product — Omnigate can help you manage complexity and ensure future standardization. Maintain flexibility for the future with Omnigate.