Our Values

We stand for the independents and forward thinkers, those who want to create new models and ways of doing this in how people and business transact. Our mission is to make them successful by doing the heavy lifting in the engine and let them get on with being business model creative innovators

We are problem solvers and tool makers. We are obsessed with empowering a wide audience to solve today’s and future problems elegantly. We are passionate about solutions to digital finance infrastructure problems — and the new technology that will be integrated to solve these problems.

We are creators and more excited by triggering step change than incremental change. We are more motivated to change the game than to win the existing game – and so we did not develop the software to compete against existing financial service-layer products.

We love to empower customers; and are evangelical about democratizing powerful tools and levelling the playing field

We love future-proofed visions, elegant lean code, open-ended and API-ready architectures.

We believe in empowered staff but plan to run the company like a professional sports team over time. We believe in responsibility and purpose.

We are global in mindset and consider the future world of value transfer increasingly will be digital centric and decentralised