Omnigate Systems is a privately-owned, B2B, software and services company headquartered in Canada and has been in operation since 2013. The company is now focussing on commercialization after 5 years scoping and building an enterprise-grade software centered around a universal ledger capable of handling traditional and newer assets.

The founders Raphael Carrier and Igor Simmonet are technologists and were early adopters of crypto-currency since reading Satoshi Namakoto’s whitepaper in 2009. We developed a clear vision for the longer-term roadmap for payments in a blockchain-enabled world. We predicted a particular need that would arise related to offering a multi-purpose bridge between the worlds of fiat and digital assets… And the set of tools to go with that.

Fortunately, our crypto-currency investment returns provided us the luxury to establish our own business and bootstrap it over the following 4 years, investing material time upfront in developing an industrial grade architecture and roadmap. Happily, we were not forced into compromising the vision for early revenues (a difficult trade off for a B2B company)

Niall Boland joined in 2016 after 25 years as an institutional technology investor and management consultant in order to provide strategic guidance and develop a roadmap to help convert the product into a scalable business.

The co-founders have worked full time on Omnigate since 2014, and also added development resources (16 man-years total development time). Currently, we have a team of 10, most of whom are full-time. We are headquartered in Montreal, Canada and have satellite hubs in Las Vegas and San Francisco. We are in discussions regarding opening an Asian hub.

Omnigate onboarded its first customer in late 2016 (the customer became a leading app in Google play and has since scaled to become a multi-100M$ company). We are currently engaged with a wide range of customer prospects who are building innovative models in media, gaming, international payments.

Finally, to be clear, Omnigate is not a financial services company. We do not operate as a payment processor. Instead, we develop and promote software that connects financial service providers, money service businesses, payment network operators, digital asset issuers and market makers. We enable developers to create financial applications that work across any network and currencies, easily and securely. Our software allows our customers to create and consume liquidity on the network they choose.