The Operating System for Digital Finance

Who is Omnigate?

Headquartered in Canada with satellite offices in the United States, Omnigate is a technology company that provides software infrastructure enabling companies to implement future-proof solutions for blockchain and other digital value-exchange processes. Established in 2014, our solutions are designed to reduce complexity, friction, and time to market — and help businesses focus on innovation.


What is Omnigate?

Omnigate is a Canadian enterprise software company.

In short, our software is akin to an operating system and set of tools for helping businesses to build digital finance services and use cases typically related to payments and value transfer.

We do not act as an operator ourselves. Instead, we provide the “picks and shovels” (ledger & wallet, exchange and KYC integrations, etc.) which allow businesses to quickly build their own software applications that support a range of new services or even new business models (often related to digital asset use-cases such as crypto-currencies, cash-back, loyalty etc.).


Who are Omnigate Customers?

We target small to mid-sized businesses who want to “own” their software platforms and applications relating to digital assets but lack the developer resources to build viable platforms in-house (per below).

We sell either B2B (in cases where our customer has consumers as its customers, such as video game companies) or B2B2B (like payment processors, where our customers actually supply services to other businesses).

In some cases, our channel is to the developer, B2D.

Omnigate offers support services for development, integration, and monitoring. To ensure the continuity of your operations, our staff is available 24/7.